How to Get Rid of Leg Pain – Now Fast & Safely

The number one reason people go to see their doctors is for the complaints of leg pain, sciatica pain and back pain. The majority of people in the world today suffer from sciatica and back pain. Yet most of them have no idea why they suffer from their pain, nor do they know what they must do to get rid of their leg pain and back pain.

In order to get rid of back pain you must first know what is causing your pain. More often than not, your pain is being caused by tight muscles, pinched nerves, disc herniations and excessive stress and strain on the body.

Most sciatica and back pain are the result of years of performing the same strenuous physical activity, like your job, over and over again. Other causes of sciatica and back pain are traumatic incidents like work-related accidents, car accidents and sports injuries.

The pain can be caused from your back muscles and leg muscles being extremely tight. Tight muscles alone can cause your sciatica and back pain. The best treatment for tight muscles would be therapies that relax and relieve muscle spasms. Such therapies include massage therapy, hydrotherapy, chiropractic therapy and gentle stretching exercises. Sometimes these therapies alone can get rid of your leg pain and sciatica pain.

Another cause of your sciatica and back pain could be disc herniations in your low back. The best way to describe this type of injury is to think of your disc as a jelly doughnut. That is sitting between the bones/vertebrate of your spine. These discs/jelly doughnuts act like a shock absorber for your spine and nervous system. When your disk is herniated you can liken it to a jelly donut with a jelly squirting out of the side of the doughnut. When the gel that is in your disk protrudes out to the side it usually will sit on a nerve.

Since the nerves that come out of the low back region travel into your buttocks legs feet and toes when these nerves are pinched buying a disc herniation. The pain will travel down the course of the nerve like a highway into your buttocks legs feet and toes.

To determine if you suffer from a disc herniation. Your doctor usually will order an MRI, which is the gold standard test for finding out if your disk is herniated.

To get rid of your rt leg pain icd 10 and sciatica pain. Your doctor will usually recommend therapy in the form of chiropractic therapy and physical therapy. Treatment will usually consist of massage therapy, electric muscle stimulation, stretching exercises, and strengthening exercises.

If these therapies do not work and usually your doctor will recommend decompression therapy and more epidural injection therapy into the spine.

Because decompression therapy is not an invasive procedure and does not require any injections into the spine doctors are prone to recommend this therapy before epidural injection therapy into the spine.

Usually, decompression therapy will get rid of your pain right leg icd 10 and sciatica pain from a disc herniation. However, if decompression therapy does not relieve your pain 100%. Then doctors will usually recommend epidural injection therapy.

The epidural injection therapy will help get rid of the inflammation and swelling of the disc and nerves. Oftentimes, after a course of epidural injection therapy doctors will usually recommend another trial of decompression therapy in order to relieve their patient’s pain 100%.


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